We meet 6 times a year for the day on a Friday at the Dalhousie Faculty of Dentistry

Meeting Format | Lecture 11:00 am - 1:00 pm |Clinic Live patient operations 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm | Dinner 5:00 pm

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2019 Meetings Fridays | Dalhousie Dental 11:00 am to 4:30 pm followed by member dinner

May 10, 2019 Dr. Mello & 4 speciality collaborative | Dr. Nader Hamdan Periodontist, Dr. Tracy Doyle Paedontist & Dr. Mark Vallee Prosthodontist

May 31, 2019 Dr. Ron Chafe Guest Mentor & Member

 with special guest Steve Jennex Executive Director of the NSDA

June 21, 2019 Dr. Robert S. Roda Mentor

Trouble Shooting in Endodontics: Finding Canals 

New Season 2019|2020

September 20 , 2019 Dr. Robert S. Roda Mentor

October 18, 2019 Dr. Isabel Mello Guest mentor * New TRAIN YOUR RDA DAY

We are excited to add this new session , bring your RDA for the day !  RDA's will receive full day of hands on training in club. 

November 8, 2019 Dr. Chris Lee | Update on Clinical Pharmacology : Strategies for Pain Management & Antibiotics



Your RDA is welcome to come to any meeting as our club guest and we will issue them the CE credits . We believe your RDA is crucial to your clinical excellence and patient care.

What RDA's say about attending and/or assisting at a study club meeting :

" The day was amazing, I felt welcomed and valued. I learned so much from the other RDA's and I feel that I am an important player in every endo we do now." SM

" I learn so much and feel more part of the team, I also feel so supported and grateful for this experience." JB

"I am a new RDA and within 2-3 meetings I feel like I know more then many of my fellow RDA's in the office. This has set my skill set on a whole new level. " AV

Frequently asked questions | Have a question? Ask Suzanne , Co Founder & Director


Do I have to see a patient in the clinic?

We are very mindful of the logistics and the challenge of bringing a patient to the study club as many of our members fly and drive in from across Atlantic Canada. When you join we encourage you to watch and observe and assist another dentist. When you are ready and we have reviewed the patient criteria and you are able to bring in a patient, your clinical training will be enhanced by practising in this supportive and encouraging environment.  Since 2003, the East Coast Endodontic Study Club has served General dentists from across Atlantic Canada providing clinically relevant , hands on , live patient endodontic  training in a collegial, supportive and inclusive environment. dental continuing education family dentistry Saint John Halifax Fredericton

Does the study club arrange the patients for the clinical training?

We do not recruit patients for the clinic portion . We know that your patients have a level of trust established with you and we also know that you have screened their case to make sure it is appropriate for the study club session. 

How do I get a patient to come to the clinic?

When you are ready and prepared, we will assist you in the protocols for bringing a patient. Most members offer this service to their patients as a courtesy. 

How long do members stay in the study club?

We have developed  the study club to be a long term and consistent presence in your professional life. Many members have been with the club 5,10 and 15 years. Our retention rate is 90% and we have a large number of returning members who take time off to buy or sell a practice or start a family . Once a member , always a member, and members return at the same rate as a regular , returning member.

We have welcomed new grads, study club babies & families, new university grads in study club families, and retirees. In fact, our members become so close that this is their professional family as we include spouses, partners and children in the members dinners. 

We believe a solid professional community is immunity and the fostering of a dentist and their family and practice is paramount for us. 

What are the study club fees and how can I join?

The study club fees are based on your status as a New Grad ( discounted for the 1st year ) New Member, Returning Member and Retired members. To explore if the study club is right for you contact  to Suzanne Balcom at endostudyclub@gmail.com to inquire about fees and structure.

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